Friday, March 03, 2017

Light is the essential component of visual art. How artists are able to capture reflections and refractions is one method to ascertain their skill. Crystals and prisms are thus a favorite — albeit challenging — subject for artists looking to inject energy into their practice. The likes of Ramon Orlina were able to capture this quintessence in glass sculpture, and Juvenal Sanso was able to do it in painting. Into this group, we now add Jomar Delluba, who delves into crystalline abstraction in painting for his latest exhibition, “Prismatic Radiance,” at Galleria Nicolas.

The exhibition represents a new direction for Delluba, who is better known for his whimsical figurative paintings of dancers and ballerinas. Though his figurative work is in very much in demand, the artist has courageously chosen to chart a different, thought-provoking course. His new series is decidedly more cerebral, invoking questions of the nature of light, space and object, and the relationship between light and form.

His new paintings of prisms and crystals, against a neutral, earth-toned background, are explorations of organic geometry. Each painting focuses on singular hues, that bend and mirror light giving them a heavenly glow. The overall impact on the artist’s practice is a deeper oeuvre that showcases an intrepid range, as well as a keen intellect.

A Weave of Lustre / Jomar Delluba

A Bejeweled Crown / Jomar Delluba

Jomar Delluba’s practice is one of excruciating detail within a highly-explored technique. After a year of learning drafting technology in college, he started joining and winning drawing contests in his province of Laguna. It wasn’t long before he started apprenticing under renowned surrealist Jerry Morada. Delluba has since gained numerous recognition, which include him being named Juror’s Choice at the GSIS Painting Competition. Delluba sees his art as an intensely personal experience.

Amethyst Dreams / Jomar Delluba

Works in “Prismatic Radiance” show a new side to the artist, demonstrating an affinity with energy, light, and abstraction within the context of an ever-developing oeuvre.

Ornamental Jade / Jomar Delluba

Lux / Jomar Delluba

The exhibition runs February 28 through March 10, 2017 at Galleria Nicolas.

Galleria Nicolas is located at the 3/F Art Space of Glorietta IV, Ayala Center, Makati City.

They may be reached through their landline at (632) 625-0273, or email at

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