Fine art photographer Philip Dizon returns with the desire to invigorate his right brain again with the landscapes that once challenged his skills in photography. This time, however, he is motivated to see the beauty of those hurdles, making them part of the fine art photography creating itself. These hurdles (extreme patience, trekking and mountain climbing as well as being emotionally and physically capable of the shoot) are requisites for exciting landscape photography. Dizon looks forward to inspire people that it can be done, and ever so beautifully.

His work focuses on his advocacy to showcase nature, her magnificence and how one should not abuse it, emphasizing, “One would want to protect it.”

Philip Dizon

Derived from the French term of “landscape”, Paysage delivers landscapes in various glorified essence. From mountain ranges to seaside ports, the skies that seem to burst with fire to stellar nightscapes that rouse dreams, Dizon shows places that seem otherworldly yet could paint memories of home.

Ice and Fire (Rockies)

An Amethyst Mist

Through this solo photographic exhibit, Dizon wants to brand his works as those which can eradicate pessimism, saying, “at the end of the day, wherever you are, you can aspire for and dream for a better life ... I want them to be inspired at how beautiful our world is.”

Linear Vista

Dizon shot ethereal-looking photographs at various locations ranging from Norway to the Canadian Rockies and our very own locations such as Batanes, Ilocos Norte and Mount Pinatubo.

Introspective Journey

Ice and Snow (Rockies)

Paysage will be on view at The Galerie Joaquin Pop-Up Gallery, Ground Floor, 8 Rockwell, Makati until Friday, March 31, 2017.

For inquiries, call 723-9418 or email