Thursday, February 02, 2017

Gong Xi FaCai! This is the year of the Fire Rooster, and according to the zodiac it promises to be a bright year full of enthusiasm. The Rooster is known for its steadfast fidelity and uncompromising association with beauty. It is fitting, then, that an art exhibition opens the Chinese New Year with exquisite works.

Galerie Raphael in Serendra does this with its special Chinese New Year Exhibition, “The Year of the Fire Rooster” from Tuesday, January 31 to Monday, February 6, 2017. Exhibited are works by National Artist Abdulmari Imao, Toym Imao, Carlo Magno, Ram Mallari, Vincent de Pio and Salvador Arellano that cling to the lucky colors of the rooster — particularly gold, brown, and yellow.

The colors of the Fire Rooster come alive in the beautiful yellow and golds of renowned painter Carlo Magno’s gorgeous organic abstractions, alluding to the form of traditional Chinese robes. His “Emperor” series celebrates the cultural heritage of Chinese New Year, while staying true to the aesthetic qualities associated with the Rooster.

Also looking to the delicate details East Asian robes for inspiration is contemporary artist Vincent de Pio, who paints scenes of Japanese history and popular culture on origami paper folded to form a kimono.

Opulent are Ram Mallari’s found-object sculptures of proud and noble figures from the Animal Kingdom — the lion, for instance, or the bull. Mallari, whose work recently gracing the cover of Hong Kong-based World Sculpture News, is a master of the foundry and the natural bronze colors of his sculptures echo the qualities of the zodiac Rooster.

Similar are the bronze and brass works of Toym Imao, whose sculptures reflect the Filipino version of the rooster: the fabled sarimanok. His father, National Artist Abdulmari Imao, was prominent for his continued use of the sarimanok motif, and some of his rare paintings will also be on display.

“The Year of the Fire Rooster” promises to bring good luck and fortune to you and your household. It is an exhibit that displays the essential characteristics of the zodiac Rooster in a way that stays true to the idea of beauty and affluence.

A story of the origins of the Chinese zodiac narrate how the Jade Emperor (Buddha) call on all the animals of the universe for a race which determined what became the order of the zodiac. Some animals like the dragon exhibited altruism and honor during the course of the race, while others like the cunning rat and sneaky snake won or went far because of planning and dogged determination.

Galerie Raphael is located at Unit 2C-06 Second Level, The Piazza Serendra Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

They may be reached through their landline at (632) 856-3034.

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