Monday, February 06, 2017

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Developed by Jonathan Lisco, Animal Kingdom is an American drama television series, inspired by the eponymous 2010 Australian film by David Michôd, who is executive producer for the series, alongside Liz Watts who also produced the movie. The series follows a 17-year-old boy, who, after the death of his mother, moves in with the Codys, a criminal family clan governed by matriarch Smurf. Ellen Barkin portrays the leading role of Smurf Cody, played by Jacki Weaver in the 2010 film.

The TV series stars: Ellen Barkin as Janine Smurf Cody, the tough matriarch of the family and J’s estranged grandmother. Smurf is protective toward her family and presents a borderline-incestuous love toward them.

Scott Speedman as Barry Baz Brown, Smurf’s adopted son and leader in the Codys’ robberies. Despite his quiet semblance, he is manipulative and self-centered.

Shawn Hatosy as Andrew Pope Cody, the oldest Cody son, who is mentally disturbed, and reappears after serving three years in Folsom State Prison and has an obsessive infatuation with Catherine. Smurf begins to secretly medicate Pope to control his unstable behavior.

Ben Robson as Craig Cody, the middle Cody son, who has a predilection for drugs and extreme actions.

Jake Weary as Deran Cody, the youngest Cody son, who is secretly gay and possessive toward his on-again/off-again lover, Adrian.

Finn Cole as Joshua J Cody, Smurf’s 17-year-old grandson who moves in with Smurf and his uncles following the death of his mother, Julia, who was Pope’s twin sister.

Daniella Alonso as Catherine, Baz’s wife, and mother to their daughter, Lena.

Molly Gordon as Nicky Belmont, J’s girlfriend.

TNT ordered the pilot of Animal Kingdom in May 2015, with Barkin and Speedman the first to be cast in July 2015 as matriarch Smurf and her adopted son Baz. In August, Cole and Weary were added as J and Deran, with Hatosy and Robson soon cast as the remaining Cody brothers Pope and Craig. Alonso was later announced as Baz’s girlfriend Catherine, and Gordon as J’s girlfriend Nicky. The series debuted on TNT on June 14, 2016, and was renewed for a second season on July 6, 2016. Source.

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