Saturday, January 07, 2017

Galerie Francesca presents “Heaven on Earth” by Francis Nacion Jr. at the Megamall Artspace from January 17 to 28, 2017. Nacion Jr.’s eighth exhibit elaborates on the particular cosmology he has developed and expounded on in his earlier one-man shows where hidden spiritual realities coexist with ours. This solo is his most ambitious to date. Some paintings conflate time by presenting these people together, such as in the diptych painting Heaven on Earth where 10 women from different countries and periods are situated in an imaginary Eden overflowing with flowers. This major work encapsulates the idea of the exhibition of an imaginary heaven hidden within our reality. This major work which is 12 feet wide, is where the exhibit takes its title. Another major work is The Secret, portraying two unlikely lovers, a hunter and a nature spirit portrayed as a woman who changes into a deer with antlers of flowers which hint at other measures of time, and even timelessness. Flowers, butterflies and the leaves which change over seasons are other motifs common to most of the 24 works. These elements simultaneously hint at the rebirth, the cycles of nature, time, remembrance and the spiritual nature of things which underlie the collection of paintings presented in this solo exhibition. Patterns found in cloth also make their way into the floral backgrounds and accents used liberally by the artist in this collection to create context. The importance of cloth also hint at the idea of predestination, such as how the ancient Greeks thought of the fates in terms of the trio which spin, weave and cut the threads of life. Predestination provides an important counterpoint to time in this exhibition.


A Harmonious Bloom of Youth


Angel of Nature 1

Angel of Nature 2

Dog Sitting on the Red Chair

Heaven on Earth 1

Heaven on Earth 2


Melody of Nature

Collectively, the 24 works not only hint at the maturity of the artist, who has not only grown in confidence with the scale, size and the number of pieces in the exhibit, but more importantly the maturation of both his artistic style, and content of the works. All the works are profuse in the time and labor intensive use of intricate scraping and minute detailing now made softer with glazes and a more adept use of shading and color. All his works are woven tightly around the cosmology that he has elaborated on with his previous works.

Melody of the Wind

Red Butterfly


Scent of the Violet Flowers

The Secret

White Flower


SM Megamall Art Center is located at 4th Level, Bldg. A SM Megamall, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City.

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