Thursday, April 14, 2016

Galleria Duemila proudly presents Days of Creation, a solo exhibition by Marc Gaba. The works in Days of Creation rose out of the artist’s inexplicable desire to revisit the church in 2015, which led to analytic readings of the first chapter of the Bible. Unlike the second chapter which focuses on the so-called fall of man, the first chapter is pure magic — magic that is according to Giorgio Agamben, the key premise of happiness.

In Gaba’s readings, he was struck by how the first chapter consistently reimagines the creation of difference, of delineations, and that read as an architectural program, seems to prefigure God’s eventual invisibility, if not the curious absence. At this day and age, it is almost ridiculous to believe that the world was created — and yet, to walk down any street in the city while entertaining the idea imbues everything from lowly shrubs to sleeping beggar-children with a large sacredness that feels like an all-encompassing love. Everything was created. Gaba’s credo is that whether or not creationism is true, the world is an unfinished work of creation, and as long as we exist, we are still creating the world.

Marc Gaba’s art presents pictures of relation. A relation is invisible: to create an image of relation that forecloses it from its exclusively figural terms therefore involves serial delineations of conceptual territory as well as wagers on the existent. Multi-disciplinarity is one of the formal strategies of the practice. As spaces, images are simultaneously open and opaque; thus seeing his work subtly forwarding an ethic of experientiality, where relation is an active immanence. Each artwork is a claim that its image of relation is possible, and his work ventures that within the sphere of the contemporary, only the possible is real.

Marc Gaba has presented more than 10 solo exhibits in the last eight years. He received his MFA at the University of Iowa in 2005, and has published poetry books that hybridize language and visual art. He was a nominee for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize and the Ernst Young Exhibition in 2010. He won a Cultural Center of the Philippines Venue Grant in 2015, and the Global Filipino Literary Award in 2012.

Galleria Duemila is located at 210 Loring Street, Pasay City.

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