Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A lantern and Bluetooth speaker in one.

The revolutionary UMA Sound Lantern redefines the portable lantern for the modern age. Fusing state-of-the-art Warm Dim LED technology with 360° high fidelity surround sound, UMA provides a one of a kind portable light + sound experience, integrated seamlessly into a strikingly elegant design. Uma features an intuitive interface with touch sensitive volume control and full-range light control dial making for effortless enjoyment. Volume and music selection can also be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth from any mobile device.

Uma is made of a durable impact resistant polycarbonate shade, a silicone base and steel mesh speaker grilles for the ultimate protection in any environment. Designed for portability, Uma weighs in at under 3 lbs. and comes with interchangeable top-grain leather handles in tan and gray to let you tote it anywhere you go. For longer trips, a protective soft cotton jacket is provided. Invoking the primal symbol of the lantern and the warmth of a campfire, UMA is the perfect centerpiece for social gatherings and intimate moments indoor and out.

Voltage: 100/240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 4.5W (light) / 12W MAX (speakers)

Color temperature: 2000-2700K

Luminosity: 190 Lumens MAX

Luminaire efficacy: 42 Lumens/Watt

Charging time: Up to 3.5 hours

Battery life: Up to 8 hours

Weight: 2.85 lbs. (1.30 kg)

Power cord length: 6’ (183cm)

Global multi-plug adapter available

Certifications: TUV, CE, FCC, RoHS

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