Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Siva Samoa is the Samoan term for a Samoan traditional dance.

Traditional Samoan dancing is one area of the culture that has been the least affected by western civilization. It requires the dancer to retain grace; movement of the arms and hands are done so in a subtle but delicate manner. In earlier times, high chiefs or matais performed this special dance but in modern day it is performed by a taupou. A version of Siva Samoa, called Mak Saʻmoa, is a popular traditional dance style in Western Samoa.

Other forms of traditional Samoan dancing include the taualuga, siva afi, and sasa. There is also the mauluulu, Laumei, and Tautasi.

The Siva Samoa is very popular at Luʻau throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

The most popular is the Siva Afi in which the dancer dances with fire on Samoan Knives. One, two, and even up to four knives can be used.

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