Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Exhibit to showcase diverse range of mixed media art and a mural 10 years in the making.

Momentos is a hybrid of moment, a short but unspecified point in time and memento, an object or item that serves to remind. In his reflections on the transitory nature of time and the human capacity for recollection, Rosscapili has produced a compilation of visual explorations on the manner in which a moment translates itself into a memory. With more than 30 exhibits under his belt, Rosscapili is set to unveil his latest collection in his upcoming exhibit “Momentos,” which will be in display at SM Art Center. The exhibit is presented by Galerie Francesca in cooperation with Galerie Joaquin with the opening cocktails slated for March 7, 2016, 6:00 pm. In addition, three special paintings will be given at 57% off in celebration of the artist’s 57th birthday.

In this exhibit, Capili showcases a stunning collection of mixed media works that are larger than life in both size as well as subject matter. Unveiling more than 30 pieces, his paintings are marked by strong elements of fluidity and movement, being brought to life by the raw emotion captured upon the moment of creation. Using a mindful combination of acrylic, resin, plexiglass, lacquer and enamel, Capili offers an organic creative product and single paintings, diptychs and triptychs with an effortless aesthetic quality. In this show, Capili put a premium on brush techniques and pursued relentless innovation through the use of a wide range of mediums and material application techniques such as digital laser cutting, amongst others.

The highlight of the exhibit will be the large mural that will feature the vibrant color and effortless strokes synonymous with the artist’s signature. Entitled “Trans” the 25 x 4 feet artwork was 10 years in the making. Laying the foundation for the artwork in early 2005, Ross has worked on refining the concept bit by bit until its recent completion. The piece is composed of four main frames featuring silhouettes of the female form, which was then juxtaposed with his recent works that allude to more natural elements. The piece is a window to the thin line that divides the dream world and the real world as it showcases the metamorphoses of figures into the more amorphous and universal expression of beauty found in the natural world.

This new collection is an exposition of human nature through an organic introspection of humanity and nature and humans in nature. In dealing with the abstract and realism in a way that cultivates both beauty and intrigue Rosscapili demonstrate that still and peaceful waters truly run deep in his multi-dimensional visual essay on the transient nature of life.

Presented by Galerie Francesca in cooperation with Galerie Joaquin, “Momentos,” will be on display from March 1 to 12, 2016 at SM Art Center, Level 4, Building A, SM Megamall. The opening cocktails will be on March 7, 2016, 6:00 pm.

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