Errol “Chill” Orbida and Nemo Aguila’s style of street art has been recognized by many as striking, loud and original. Directing their talents to the streets of Manila, they utterly “fill the voids” of our everyday urban landscape. As risk takers, they exemplify how street artists share a common passion for art within a community. They choose to seeks attention — not only to art enthusiasts, but to the masses.

For the entire month of February 2016, Chill and Nemo will be creating some of their largest works on the fly, for a period of 18 days starting February 2nd. Viewers are welcome to come in during gallery hours (Monday to Saturday, 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm). You may also visit Nova Gallery Manila’s Facebook page for the latest updates on this exhibit and other future shows. This event commemorates the art month of February and the 10th anniversary of Pilipinas Street Plan (PSP).

The reveal will be on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 7:00 pm with cocktails/drinks and live music.

Errol “Chill” Orbida (b. 1989) is a street artist, painter, photographer and an illustrator. His art deals with life and what he perceives as reality. His curiosity occupies his thoughts and questions the occurrences around him, as he weighs his experiences and positions them as either luck or misfortune.

Chill shares his personal feelings and considers them as a cohesive method of understanding people’s thoughts and feelings. Chill finds inspiration from the streets of Manila, personal dilemmas and emotions and builds them as foundations of his works both in the walls of Manila and on various media. His dictum in art and life is built around respect.

Nemo Aguila (b. 1986) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Manila, studied fine arts in Far Eastern University and FEATI University. His works narrates his random daily experiences and other people’s experiences in a whimsical way. The mix of soft gore, weirdness, darkness, distorted and twisted positioning of subjects, is his distinct style. It is the showcase of his vision of diversity in common. Sometimes he play with Filipino or Pinoy disposition, in the inclusion of icons, products, expressions, words, sayings and humor.

Strongly influenced by pop culture, the surreal, the hum in the streets and sometimes the joy of delusional. His works ranges from inks to acrylic, murals to art on streets and toys to sculptures. He uses any material or medium that is available on hand or anything that can be found inside the studio.

Pilipinas Street Plan (PSP) is a community that has grown committed in showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art on streets. Co-founded by Mark Salvatus aka Boy Agimat, Okto, Defs and Ungga in 2006. It has been a platform that opened doors for creative individuals from various discipline for 10 straight years. The collective since then shares the public a range of in-depth knowledge about street art crossing beyond their practices, through exhibitions, lectures, discussions and publications.

Nova Gallery Manila is located at Warehouse 12A, 2241 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City.

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