Thursday, November 12, 2015

Onliest is a 3-man show featuring works grounded on a sentiment that Brian Bernardo, Rudolph Doane, and Jukus Sepada personally empathize with — being alone. The coming together of their pieces can be collectively seen as a gradient of emotions that paint the image of loneliness felt from an amorous affair. Onliest consists of imagined scenarios that impress on one’s awareness towards loneliness.

Brian Bernardo’s pieces echoes the banalities of adoration and rejection. Alluding to his malady of singleness intertwined with despondencies that are similarly experienced by anyone who has gone through the woes of romance.

The Stranger, Lost in Time by Brian Bernardo
36 x 48 inches
Oil on Canvas

Rudolph Doane makes sense of the issue by considering its categorical effects through his works. He finds being alone as a key-piece to building strong characters thus painting his subjects in their full forms with partial distortions.

This Afternoon’s Malady by Rudolph Doane
48 x 36 inches
Oil on Canvas

Loss Will Find Us by Rudolph Doane
8 x 11 inches
Oil on Paper

Young Fire: I Let My Thoughts Burn In Me by Rudolph Doane
9 x 12 inches
Oil on Canvas

While Jukus Sepada brings a non-personal interpretation dynamic in his artwork. Sepada aligns his interpretation to an Anthony Burgess quote: “Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone,” a fitting description to how loneliness is best experienced.

FK by Jukus Sepada
24 x 18 inches
Mixed media on Canvas

Motionless Series by Jukus Sepada
10 x 8 inches
Mixed Media on Paper

Exhibit runs until November 21, 2015.

Art Underground is located at 814 Balagtas St., Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City.

For further inquiries, please call (02) 721 0745, mobile (0917) 523 7463 or email: artundergroundmanila@gmail.com.

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