Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In line with the CCP’s current 13 Artists exhibition, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) invites all students, teachers, and art enthusiasts to this year’s 13 Artists Forum. The forum will cover the various preoccupations of this year’s batch of awardees. It is supported by the Metrobank Foundation, Inc.

On Painting*
Zean Cabangis / Ernest Concepcion / Mark Andy Garcia
September 30, 2015, Wednesday, 2:00 pm
MKP Hall, 4th floor CCP Main Theater Building

Medium as Message
Alvin Zafra / Jeona Zoleta
October 1, 2015, Thursday, 2:00 pm
MKP Hall, 4th floor CCP Main Theater Building

Street and Public Art*
Buen Abrigo / Vermont Coronel / Mervy Pueblo
October 7, 2015, Wednesday, 2:00 pm
MKP Hall, 4th floor CCP Main Theater Building

Community-based Art
October 8, 2015, Thursday, 2:00 pm
MKP Hall, 4th floor CCP Main Theater Building

* * *

The September 30 forum will feature awardees Zean Cabangis, Ernest Concepcion and Mark Andy Garcia, whose works revolve around the medium of painting.

The forum will have a live feed online for those who wish to view the presentations from their homes. Those interested may download the required program at nimbus.com.ph. The 13 Artists Forum is part of the CCP’s Art Talk Online Lecture Series, a weekly mediated learning technology designed for students and teachers of Basic Education Curriculum for greater understanding and appreciation of Philippine arts and culture, under the CCP’s Arts Education Department.

* * *

The forum on October 1 will feature awardees Alvin Zafra and Jeona Zoleta whose works center on the use of a variety of media to get their point across.

Alvin Zafra (b. 1978) graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts with a major in Painting in 2000. Since then, he’s had seven solo exhibitions in Metro Manila including one in Finale Art File, where his work “Revolver” was presented in a documentary video which shows him grinding a .38 caliber pistol on a metal grinder creating a rhythmic performance to music. Zafra employs non-conventional materials such as human skulls, animal bones, bullets, fingernails and stone.

Jeona Zoleta (b. 1989, Manila) is known for her coming of age and loss of innocence works that are presented in fairly shocking pieces that are shown in a fearless and playful manner, forcing an individual to confront his or her undesirable traits. For the 13 Artists exhibition, Zoleta sought to engage a given space by installing kitschy plastic as a series of installation pieces, consisting again of the artist’s sordid banalities of piques of interests. The idea extends to an interpretation of concerns she has recently cradled, which delved into the relationship of the Internet and the marketplace.

* * *

The 13 Artists Forum is free of charge but guests are requested to register at the CCP Visual Arts and Museum Division.

For more information, call (632) 8321125 local 1504/1505, or (632) 8323702, mobile (0920) 4700690, email ccp.exhibits@gmail.com, or visit culturalcenter.gov.ph.

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