Saturday, July 04, 2015

Soler Santos presents “Abandoned,” a series of paintings in oil on canvas intermingled with poster-sized photographs and found objects that depict abandoned physical building structures in their most candid state — its interior rooms and spaces and external facades, left alone to deteriorate into oblivion, but perhaps finding reprieve, if not rescue, in these pictures.

Along these is the debris and by-products of these divestitures — mounds of rubble and niches of waste piles that are accidentally arranged and pique the artist’s interest.

Known for his thematic depiction of nature themes such as plant leaves and roots and their variant explorations using abstract compositions, “Abandoned” marks a soulful and parallel departure for Soler, regarded as one of the accomplished midcareer artists in their prime.

Evidently fusing his interests in photography and printmaking techniques into the current production of his works, these conspire to form a layered trompe l’oeil — if not only for the eye and perceiving, but on the vagaries of meaning and narrative; a ready disposition of a meticulous and gifted draftsman with an inquisitive artistic mind. — Words by Jonathan Polazo

Art Informal is located at 277 Connecticut St, Greenhills East, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.

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