Saturday, June 27, 2015

The imagery of Alfredo Esquillo often confronts the societal discord that assaults the politically conscious Filipino. Often affiliated with the lineage of artists that portrays this particular rhetoric, he unearths cultural ironies in the practice of faith and politics of his milieu.

Esquillo assembles an iconography throughout his practice — colloquial symbols hybridize and depicts the excessive language of the Philippine culture. For “Megaphoniacs”, the symbol of the megaphone is extracted from his body of images. It points to the fundamental glut that Esquillo reckons with in dealing with society at large, and how it afflicts us on a personal level.

“Megaphoniacs” is the launch of Esquillo’s designer toys through Secret Fresh. While it is a recurring image that flits about some of his major works featured in international shows and institutions, it also encapsulates a practice that ties together the bigger picture of culture and the psyche.

After all, the megaphone is associated with crowd control. At the same time it zooms into how the individual is bombarded with multiple voices and constructs of the spaces he navigates around in. Specifically, metaphors of mobility are latched onto Esquillo’s megaphones — railway tracks and wings — alluding to the idiom of moving through one ear and out on the other. The “Megaphoniacs” artist line illustrates the irony of inconsequence despite being besieged by too many voices.

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Secret Fresh Gallery is located at Ground Level, Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan.

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