Still life painting, that is artistic depictions of inanimate objects, has a very long history in Western Art. Ancient Egyptian tombs were often decorated with murals of fruit, or various man-made subjects such as vases. Ancient Greeks and Romans established rules of composition, and by the 16th century, still life was recognized as its own genre in Europe. Through these decorative works, artists can express their skill in composition, thus making this genre a demonstration of technical ability. More progressive artists even manage to inject restrained symbolism into these works.

Painter Rudolf Gonzalez embodies this genre through a practice that combines the expressionistic latitude of that emotion with a technique that perfectly captures the interplay of light and shadow in still life composition. His latest exhibition at Galleria Nicolas in Ayala Center showcases his latest works in still life. Called “Still Life Paintings by Rudolf Gonzalez,” exhibit opens at Galleria Nicolas on Monday, March 30, 2015 and will run until Saturday, April 11, 2015.

The mercurial Rudolf Gonzalez is often considered a Master of Still Lifes. Having a degree in advertising from the Far Eastern University, Gonzalez is exceptionally emphatic in his ability to evoke emotions through his visuals. There is an element of realism in Gonzalez’ works, but of an idyllic sort that recalls the oeuvre of Fernando Amorsolo in capturing the essence of light, and Juvenal Sanso in establish an emotional resonance with his audience. It isn’t all together surprising, then, that the artist counts Rembrandt and John Singer Sargent as his influences — both artists were pioneers in their experiments with light and shadow.

Simple Joys #2

Simple Joys #1

Simple Joys #4

It’s no wonder that Gonzalez has been attracting critical attention in recent years. Having exhibited in expos in Chicago and Los Angeles. His works have been carried by galleries in the US and Japan, and have been sought-after by collectors from all over the world. This exhibition is meant to cement the artist’s growing presence in the larger Philippine art community — a presence that will undoubtedly experience more attention in the years ahead.

A Serenade of Daisies

Simple Joys #3

Another Day

Galleria Nicolas is located at the 3/F Art Space of Glorietta 4, Ayala Center in Makati City, Philippines. They may be reached through their landline at (632) 625-0273, website at or email at