Monday, March 23, 2015

People’s images are bursts of colors. They were never black and white. An individual’s image is a personification of varying ideals or disasters, depending on how he, or the public, depicts him. This idea was Julius Redillas’ guide in his upcoming solo exhibition Someone Else. Once again displaying his penchant for tarnishing as a method of embellishment, Redillas compared this imposed portrayal of individuals as comparison to how the current society is very obsessed on how they want to be perceived by the viewer.

Redillas is among the few contemporary artists today who dazzle through works in watercolor on paper. For this exhibit, he is presenting a series of portraits of people whose images are already familiar, images that became part of history. He remains consistent with using images scavenged from the internet as portrait references — the surplus of images he gets to see everyday, unintentionally or otherwise. By definition, a portrait’s intent is to depict the visual appearance of the subject. But in this case, he attempts to do the opposite as he pretends to know his subjects by heart, which he doesn’t, and creates stories on how he wants them to be portrayed. In the process, what comes out is a series of eerily beautiful, detailed and meticulously crafted portraits of entirely different beings. — Richard Coronel

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