Saturday, February 28, 2015

Join chef and Thai food guru David Thompson on his quest to unlock the secrets of Thailand’s street food in this brand new series from TLC. Whether it’s making curry completely from scratch or finding out the significance of kanom jeen noodles as offerings, David peels back the layers to get to the core of Thailand’s street food. Brimming with passion and knowledge, David effectively captures the atmosphere of Thailand’s streets and markets by partaking in local food culture, chatting with stall owners and diving into the rich history behind each dish. Thai Street Food With David Thompson premieres on TLC (available nationwide in the Philippines on every major cable, DTH and local provincial operator) every Monday at 9:30 pm, starting March 2, 2015.

From the center of bustling modern Bangkok to the hidden markets and quiet alleyways of the old town, David Thompson takes you through the vibrant world of Thailand’s street food. David immerses himself in the rich history behind each cuisine, partaking wholeheartedly in local food cultures, and cooking and chatting comfortably with stall owners — in Thai, no less.

As the first orange hued rays color the sky, walk through the Phetchaburi market with David, as he goes in search of the freshest of ingredients to cook with. Over at Chinatown, learn how to order street food and travel back in time as you stroll along Soi Sampeng, one of the oldest streets in Bangkok.

Find out what lunch means to busy Thais who crave for something that’s fast, affordable and most of all, good. Many head to the markets where a large variety of stalls specializing in different street food cuisine is available, and besides grabbing a bite to eat, lunch is an opportunity to take a well-deserved break from work.

Then spend the evening at a dtam sang stall, an all-purpose kitchen of sorts where food is offered with delicious ease. At the dtam sang stalls — meaning “made to order” or “cooked to your preference” — the stall owners are known to be able to whip up anything you request, sometimes with a repertoire of more than 100 dishes! Take your pick from stir-fries and soups, to braised dishes and curries!

The night doesn’t end at dinner. Bangkok is known for its pulsing nightlife. David ventures into a Thai boxing stadium where a crowd has gathered to see a full fight unfold and learn about the finer points of the sport with an expert. He also visits Bangkok’s hip cosmopolitan bars and meets with club-goers and artists to find out what they eat, what they groove to, and what’s happening artistically on this side of town.

An experience beyond Thailand’s diverse and abundant food choices, Thai Street Food With David Thompson also explores how the different people and places have helped shape Thai street food into what it is today. Episodes encore every Tuesday at 3:30 pm, Wednesday at 9:30 am and Saturday at 4:30 pm.

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