Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Silverlens Galleries is pleased to present House of the Peculiars, filmmaker/photographer Milo Sogueco’s debut as a visual artist.

The House of the Peculiars is a repository of myth and marvel. Its corners hide dreams, secrets and enchantment. Enter it, and discover those who dwell in the poetry of fantasy tempered by heartbreak, enflamed by tension and bridled by irony. Its halls leave reason wanting, for in them, photographer/filmmaker Milo Sogueco creates a cast of characters whose destinies have been etched by the abstracts that define them: desires that are on their path to fulfillment, surreptitious encounters that quell tragic flaws. Through his visual language, Sogueco spins narratives about his characters. It is through them that he wishes to challenge dogma and hard-edged beliefs. Akin to fairytales where witches can mean well, and giants, gentle, Sogueco offers an imagery that is as verdant as it is brazen in its invitation to open the eyes, seeing beyond the initial encounter, eventually witnessing the struggle in some of these characters, even tenderness in others.

In one of this house’s chambers is Sogueco’s Tribute to Joan of Arc, where he casts a porcelain doll as the fabled leader. Poised in her right hand, a flail awaits its first blow, responding to The Voices’ call. She disregards her fragility, launching a campaign in the name of faith, resulting in her transformation into a warrior princess.

In another is Mr. Brainiac whose left hand is a landscape for an assembly of pins. His head is replaced by a monkey screaming in angry agony. Trapped within a weathered cage, he portrays the frustration of obtaining knowledge.

Sogueco implores the viewer to look past each of his character’s faces, for sometimes, there is none to behold. Instead, through digital techniques, he creates iconography, awakening the viewer by offering the composition as a whole and illustrating that “there is reality and pain underneath the beauty. It is life and death.” — AMR

About the Artist

Milo Sogueco, a visual artist, is both a filmmaker and photographer. Holding the still camera during his formative years in the University of the Philippines, Milo realized that visual storytelling is what inspires him. He took up a basic black and white class in the film department and the rest is history. Now he has become one of the most respected photographers in the country, delivering images that only he is known for: the dramatic and cinematic. Milo also actively supports independent cinema through his positions at the MTRCB and Quezon City Film Development Commission.

Milo Sogueco

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