Monday, February 23, 2015

Renowned sculptor Eduardo Castrillo, known for his large monuments such as the People’s Power Monument along EDSA, will have a special exhibition of previously-unseen smaller works at Galerie Joaquin. The exhibit, entitled “Crucifixus,” will display a series of crucifixes he originally intended as part of the family’s collection. The exhibition doubles as a demonstration of faith for Castrillo, who was inspired by the recent visit of Pope Francis to exhibit these private works. It is also timely as millions of Catholics prepare for the season of Lent.

The exhibit opens on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 6 pm. and will run until Wednesday, March 11. It not only demonstrates the immense skill and talent of one of the country’s foremost artists, it also brings our focus back to the real meaning of the cross, and the core tenets of Christianity — an exploration into what it means to be Christian.

Eduardo Castrillo was born in 1942 in Sta. Ana in Manila. A product of the University of Santo Tomas, Castrillo comes from a family of craftsmen. His father, Santiago, was a master jeweler whose jewelry techniques eventually formed the crux of his son’s metalworking techniques. Fashioning jewelry from metal sheets, the elder Castrillo taught his son that using pliable metal is perhaps a better approach than the use of molds. It is also an ancient technique — pre-colonial artifacts from Surigao show that ancient Filipinos were already working with metal sheets to make funeral masks. Castrillo’s later innovation was to eventually apply this age-old technique for large-scale projects. His subsequent career has seen him become one of the foremost Modernists of his generation.

The works in this exhibition are special because they were done out of devotion and love for his family. The works can be used as altar pieces, or they can be left as stand-alone works of art by a seminal artist. Eduardo Castrillo’s Crucifixus stands as one man’s journey to find the divine.

Galerie Joaquin is located at 371 P. Guevarra Street corner Montessori Lane, Addition Hills, San Juan City.

They may be reached through their landline at (632) 723-9418 or website

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