Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Silverlens Galleries is pleased to present roads, the latest exhibition by Christina Dy. The show marks Dy’s continued exploration of large-scale charcoal drawings and the intersection between illustration and installation.

In roads, Dy explores the journey of creativity and invites guests to participate in that journey by allowing them to walk through the piece itself: two six feet high by twenty four feet long charcoal illustrations mimicking roadside landscapes. Illustrations of clouds and mountains characterize the work, but it is the metaphorical road that ultimately allows the guests to experience the piece. It becomes a point of interest, then, that the road to which the show refers is not illustrated. Instead, the piece incorporates the gallery floor into the finished piece, once again highlighting Dy’s work as more experiential than decorative.

While roads is not a tribute to a particular highway or thoroughfare, it becomes a representation of the arduous, and often nebulous, creative process. Drawn in a room no larger than a small car, roads was created with no real way of seeing the illustration in its entirety. While challenging for Dy, the process became a physical manifestation of the piece’s statement: that the creative endeavor is in itself nomadic, explorative, often made both frightening and exhilarating by the inability to see the final destination.

Although the creative process is often defined by its physical and tangible output, roads highlights the journey that leads us to the finishing stroke of the brush, or in this case, the final smear of charcoal. As guests walk through the illustration, they become part of the piece itself, retreading, in part, the process through which Roads was created.

In 2009, Dy created Ground Zero, another exhibition showcased at the Cultural Center of the Philippines that placed guests at the center of a circular room surrounded by seamless charcoal illustrations of the sky. Guests were allowed to experience a wholly-encompassing visual piece, allowing the illustration to engulf them in their entirety. In roads, Dy takes this experience a step further by forcing guests out of a position of passivity and into a position of activity.

In order to fully appreciate the scope and scale of Dy’s latest work, guests need to take part in it. They become the nomads that tread the road, experiencing the landscape as far as only their periphery can allow. And while the destination remains undefined and unclear, it is the unfailing trust on both the road and the self that becomes the intangible, yet comforting guarantee that we will eventually get there.

About the Artist

An artist that continues to push the boundaries of drawing, Christina Dy has been creating large-scale charcoal works that are part drawing, performance, and installation. Recently she has turned her attention to the drawing surface itself — paper. She now experiments with paper and the different ways of folding — traditional, rigid, wet — and combining it with drawing. She also creates works in collaboration with other artists, combining drawing and craft with photography.

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