Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A frame is a state of mind, a state wherein we enclose a picture.

This exhibit is a type of free form where there is no limit. After all, our mind has limitless boundary of imagination. A chest full of treasure locked within the cage of our consciousness waiting to be cast in canvas.

Participating artists are Marga Chavez, Erika Dino, Kiv Salazar, Tep Dividor, Pras Sotillo, Jewel de Castro and Elle Lucena.

Elle Lucena’s works are the products of sudden everyday imagination. Her works of art feature a relaxed attitude and her choice of color are soft on the eyes and a simple frame will complete the feminine painting.

Jewel de Castro depicts the concept of Randori, a Japanese term for free practice, through her painting of movement which gives the illusion of suspended gravity. The artwork is surrounded by the simplicity of a wooden frame.

Pras Sotillo focuses on details and color to show much meaning in one minimal artwork. Inside the small frame, the painting shows the audience what may look like when elements are yet to be portrayed by a living substance.

Tep Dividor with her lenticular painting depicts the fond recollections of childhood. Her work shows two artworks in one space which somehow conveys a profound message to a person staring at it.

Marga Chavez attempts to traverse in the elusive ground of our fickle imagination made “Voyage in Dreamscape”, but like a ripple it remains untouchable, just a mirage in the distant shore.

Kiv Salazar appraises the negative and the positive with his works. His work will encourage you to take the painting’s picture in ‘negative’ mode and thus will show the paintings real colors.

Erika Dino paints with fear. Her “Fade Out” series all fade to white. The white represents nothingness, and you can’t help but wonder when all color fades.

Framed is an exhibit of seven artists with different interpretations. Frames appear to be cages of our ideas but that is not the case. Framed objects only show a part of our mind, a concept from the many we want to show the world.

Galeria de las Islas, 3rd floor Silahis Center 744, Gen. Luna St., Intramuros, Manila, Philippines

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