Saturday, September 20, 2014

Near forgotten inner stories, buried in the artists’ sub-conscious, tinged with adult pathos and awakenings of nostalgia, a melancholia for a more innocent romantic time, and an adventure across borders of quantum time and space.

The resulting evolving storybook is a purely imaginative play on the evolutionary possibilities of the storyline narrative unfolding within itself and in relation to the artist’s interaction of seemingly unrelated imagery of the other participating artists works. The intent is pure narrative evolution in storytelling and imagination. The conscious and subconscious decisions made by the artists during each step of their creative process of painting and sculpture is dependent upon their own attribution of meaning. Each step is culled from the spontaneous spark of vision instigated by the other artists’ artworks, all without the artists pre-conceived notions nor verbal discussion. As such, the resulting story remains pure in its meaning in its inherent essence.

Quantum Portal by Rob Lucas
60 x 48

New Light Awakens by Rob Lucas
30 x 48

Cuddle Trick by Bernard del Mundo
36 x 48

Carousel by Bernard del Mundo
30 x 36

Painter Dom Laroza created “Queen Antonietta the Avaricious,” while Rob Lucas painted the “Quantum Portal” and Bernard del Mundo painted “Cuddle Trick” which depicts the female protagonist Monique Althea communing with Espanyol the gentlemanly rabbit lost in a warp in time. Ram Mallari sculpted in steel “Scorpius,” the Queen’s loyal minion.

In the resulting group exhibition, each participating artist has contributed to the development of the plot, characters and narrative trajectory of the storybook exhibition, which is then culminated into context and then interwoven by the exhibition curator, Grace Halamani Escudero, into a spontaneous threaded storybook tapestry, The Untold.

Untitled by Rob Lucas
39.5 x 29.5

Ballerina Dream by Jay Torres
24 x 24

Mr. Hat by Jay Torres
36 x 24

The Game by Averil Paras
36 x 36

Art Underground’s represented artists, such as sculptor Ram Mallari, painters Aileen Lanuza, Vince de Pio, Dom Laroza, Rob Lucas, Bernard del Mundo, Averil Paras, Rodolfo Jay Torres Jr. and Mimi Salibio’s artworks are published into a storybook which is to be launched at the artists’ reception at the Art Underground ongoing until, September 27, 2014.

The Wild Side by Mimi Salibio
24 x 36

Untitled by Ram Mallari
36 x 28 x 14.5

Audie The Hotdog by Ram Mallari
13 x 30 x 9.9

Scorpius by Ram Mallari
11 x 12 x 19

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Art Underground is perpendicular to Shaw Boulevard, located at 814 Balagtas St., Brgy. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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