Saturday, September 06, 2014

Aes Arcilla’s body of work primarily comprises paintings of images from the suburban environment he had grown up in, namely Antipolo City, which is located in the province of Rizal.

His choice of subject matter stems from his collection of memories that is recalled whenever he reminisces about childhood in a setting rooted in timeworn traditions. His confrontation with such inflexibility consequently reflects on his choice of scenes that he depict, iconic of which is a previous work featuring a graveyard painted in a manner representative of what most artists in the region use.

Ironically, Arcilla has created a unique tradition for himself through this process, and has been made aware of the similarities between painting and food consumption. As evidenced by the fact that he uses materials that could either be used for painting or eating (i.e. a paper plate), the act of feeding and eating parallels the artist’s act of applying paint concurrent with the canvas’ reception of it.

Apart from the physical, the paintings are also fed with sentimentality and fascination of the past. As such, Arcilla’s works are strong expressions of personal experience within the context of a collective. It takes effort to extract the inherent meaning and prompts an awkward position for another, conceding the fact that it does strongly evoke nostalgia.

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