Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Celebrate the food of the world with award-winning United Kingdom (UK) chef, food writer and stylist Ravinder Bhogal as she whips up iconic cuisines from across the globe in RAVINDER’S KITCHEN every Friday night at 7:00 p.m. The 20-part series is a perfect melting pot of mouthwatering experiences and scrumptious delights dished out with love by the sultry Miss Bhogal. From hearty meals served in her mother land, India, to exotic Asian cuisines from Malaysia and Thailand, Ravinder throws in a dash of her own unique twist to timeless recipes that give them that extra oomph. Encores every Monday and Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

Born in Kenya, made in London and rooted in India, Ravinder Bhogal is a passionate home cook and a self-confessed greedy girl. Ravinder’s love affair with food began at the tender age of five when while growing up, her mother instilled the belief that if she and her sister could cook, they’d marry well. It was then when she swapped her tricycle for a rolling pin never looked back! A resident of South East London, Ravinder was propelled into the culinary limelight when she was crowned Britain’s New Fanny Cradock by Gordon Ramsay in The F Word. In her new series on TLC, RAVINDER’S KITCHEN, Ravinder combines her two loves – food and travel – to serve up the best of global cuisine with a side of her own unique take.

In each 30-minute episode, Ravinder dives into the heart and soul of her chosen cuisine and brings viewers through some her favourite recipes from around the world – American, Chinese, French, Indian Punjabi, Italian, Malaysian, and many other cuisines. For Ravinder, food can evoke fond memories and in one episode of RAVINDER’S KITCHEN, she goes back to her Indian Punjabi roots to put her own cheeky spin to the foods from her mother land –from savoury delights like saag cornbread ramekins, amritsari fish pakoras, caramelised onion and roasted garlic naan to sweet treats such as rum mango lassi, and carrot, cardamom and vanilla kheer crème brûlée.

The sultry chef also aims to dispel the myths and misconceptions of Chinese food showing viewers that it’s not all about chop suey and spring rolls. To showcase the dazzling flavours of China, Ravinder shows viewers how to create contemporary Chinese dishes while adding some fun to the classics that includes prawn toast scotch eggs with banana ketchup, stir-fried chicken with chilies and cashew nuts, cauliflower popcorn and churros with spiced chili.

Inspired by her holidays in Spain, Ravinder recreates some of her favourite dishes from the land of flamenco dancers, matadors and tapas – goat’s cheese and beetroot croquetas with a walnut crust, gazpacho and serrano ham salad, chorizo stuffed chicken with lemony chickpeas, clams with sherry and a dessert dinner guests will find hard to forget – caramel Cointreau orange cake.

Other recipes featured in RAVINDER’S KITCHEN include grilled aubergine, slow roast tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella panzanella and tiramisu ice-cream cake inspired by Italy, Malaysian classics like curry laksa and roti jala, and American favourites buttermilk fried chicken and lobster mac and cheese among many other irresistible and easy recipes.

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