Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shangri-La Plaza continues to dazzle its discerning patrons with endless pleasures, and this July is no exception as the premier lifestyle destination and home of the metro’s most anticipated international film festivals presents the return of the Moviemov Italian Film Festival at the Shang Cineplex from July 23-27, 2014.

Dubbed Moviemov 3: Italian Cinema Now, the festival brings together some of the best of contemporary Italian cinema along with the classic works of famed Italian filmmaker Ettore Scola in his own showcase called Classic Retrospective.

Here’s the complete screening schedule:

Fronting the impressive line-up is the most recent winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty), which chronicles the musings of aging socialite Jep Gambardella on his life and the city of Rome. After his 65th birthday party, the once-acclaimed novelist-turned columnist walks through the ruins and streets, encounters interesting characters, and reflects on his life, first love, and sense of unfulfillment. Likened by critics to another Italian cinematic masterpiece, La dolce vita, the movie is a moving meditation on life set against the exquisite sights of Rome.

The consequence of silence is the focus of Il Sud è Niente (South Is Nothing), where young Grazia finally decides to search for her brother Pietro who disappeared years ago. Her move causes Grazia to have strained ties with her father, who has maintained a rule of silence about the disappearance of Pietro. In Anni Felici (Those Happy Years), a wife also finds the courage to follow her own path despite a self-absorbed husband who believes that a woman should stay home.

A romantic rollercoaster ride awaits moviegoers in Allacciate le cincture (Fasten Your Seatbelts), as they are led into the world of Elena and Antonio, lovers who are irrevocably attracted to each other despite their many differences and the fact that they are engaged to other people: Elena to Giorgio, and Antonio to Silvia. However, an unexpected event shakes up the rules of all their relationships.

Family takes the center stage in Il Capitale Umano (Human Capital), where a cyclist is hit off the road by a jeep, the night before Christmas Eve. The incident connects the rich Bernaschi family and the near-bankrupt Rovelli family and changes their destinies. In Sotto Una Buona Stella, an emotionally-distant father takes on caring for his two children and granddaughter after he loses his wife and job in just two days. Help comes in the form of his new neighbor who also has issues of her own.

Smetto quando voglio (I Can Quit Whenever I Want) provides the festival’s comedic relief as it follows a recently-fired university researcher who decides to produce drugs with the help of his former colleagues, all who are living at the margins of society. Also bringing in the laughs is Benur - Un Gladiatore in Affitto, about an out-of-work stuntman whose life is overturned when he meets an illegal immigrant from Belarus who takes over his work as a dress-up centurion at the Colosseum while he’s on a holiday.

The festival also includes A Tutto Tondo, a short film about two distant worlds that collide through the encounter of a young and lonely lawyer with a cheerful and colorful Filipino family.

This year’s special showcase Classic Retrospective puts the spotlight on the work of renowned Italian screenwriter and director Ettore Scola.

Ettore Scola

Three select films from his rich and extensive filmography will be screened at the festival, starting off with Dramma della gelosia (The Pizza Triangle). The classic comedy tells the story of the sometimes tragic but always crazy love triangle among Adelaide, Oreste, and Nello. The film garnered Scola a Palme d’Or nomination at the 1970 Cannes Film Festival.

Another Scola classic on the list is the 1970 César Award winner for Best Foreign Film C’eravamo Tanto Amati (We All Loved Each Other So Much), about three friends, Gianni, Nicola, and Antonio, who, after fighting the Nazis in the Second World War, go different ways and discover the disillusionments of life.

Rounding up the Scola Showcase is La Cena, set one evening at an Italian restaurant where various groups of people converge to dine, discuss, and argue over dinner. The film makes able use of camerawork to tell the stories of the many people, young and old, tourists and regulars, who come to the restaurant.

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