Wednesday, July 02, 2014

No being is an island. Each species needs another species to survive and preserve the circle of life. In science, we call this “symbiosis” — a natural subsistence mechanism that honors death, parasitism, and hawking, as they nourish the growth and creation of other life forms.

Sport hunting is a vain irreverence to this sacred chain of birth and blood for it revels in the murder of animals just for the sake of it. Yet, more and more people indulge in this “recreation”. Jonas Eslao’s new show explores this twisted craze with a series of metamorphic sport hunter portraits that mirrors man’s cryptic debauchery. More than the act of killing itself, Eslao scrutinizes the hunter’s motive (or the lack of it). Why do hunters take pride in killing for self-gratification? Are the heads of beautiful endangered faunas badges of human glory or signs of man’s inborn savagery?

More than an album of man’s distorted self-image, Anti-Symbiosis is Jonas Eslao’s subtle advocacy for environment and animal preservation. Whether you’re moved to make a difference after seeing the series or not, is totally up to you.

It’s your conscience. It’s your move.

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