Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I’ve lost all energy to blog since I started skipping meals (read: crash diet) two days ago.
I’ve been spending precious hours at night in bed watching videos on YouTube including the UK Parliament’s channel and got hooked with David Cameron.
Not since Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher (perhaps) has the United Kingdom been blessed with such an energetic, charismatic, eloquent and articulate leader in the person of David Cameron, current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party.
Not only does he look perfect, he sounds perfect — voice, diction and that British Oxford accent.

British Prime Minister David Cameron

Sort of a young, handsomer and modern version of Sir Winston Churchill — walang kokontra!!

Sir Winston Churchill

Born on October 9, 1966, Cameron studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Brasenose College, Oxford, gaining a first-class honours (sorry, British mode) degree in 1988. While at Oxford he was a member of the Bullingdon Club. He then joined the Conservative Research Department and became Special Adviser to Norman Lamont, and then to Michael Howard. He was Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications for seven years.

He was defeated in his first candidacy for Parliament at Stafford in 1997, but was elected in 2001 as the Member of Parliament for the Oxfordshire constituency of Witney. He was promoted to the Opposition front bench two years later, and rose rapidly to become head of policy co-ordination during the 2005 general election campaign. With a public image of a youthful, moderate candidate who would appeal to young voters, he won the Conservative leadership election in 2005.

David Cameron and his wife Samantha Sheffield

In the 2010 general election held on May 6, the Conservatives won 306 seats in a hung parliament. After five days of negotiation, Cameron formed a coalition with the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems). Cameron leads the first coalition government of the United Kingdom since the Second World War. The 43-year-old Cameron became the youngest British Prime Minister since the Earl of Liverpool 198 years earlier.

The Camerons at No. 10 Downing Street in London

You have to watch these.

The Prime Minister’s Questions is defined as a sort of constitutional convention held as a single session every Wednesday when the House of Commons is sitting, during which the Prime Minister spends around half an hour answering questions from Members of Parliament.

PMQ’s forms an important part of British political culture. Due to the natural drama of the sessions, it is among the best-known parliamentary business in the country, with tickets to the Strangers’ Gallery (the public gallery) for Wednesdays being the most sought-after parliamentary tickets.

Ed Miliband (leader of the Labour Party and leader of the Opposition) might want to consider speech therapy with marbles in his mouth (no offence).

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