Monday, April 28, 2014

From writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the guys who gave us the rambunctious, popular flick, The Hangover, comes what could the next big thing you’d like to follow on television.

The premise is novel, the humor is high — welcome everyone to Union, a high-end bar in Manhattan’s trendy, meatpacking district. Inside the happening place that comes alive at night are ten single people. Coming from different backgrounds, all attractive and gorgeous, and each with an irresistibly alluring charm of their own, they try to find love in this bar, in one night.

Follow what could be a series of whirlwind romances in all-new series Mixology, which premieres April 29, 2014, and airs every Tuesday thereafter at 10:10pm, on LIFETIME.

Season opener Tom and Maya follows the story of reluctant “nice guy” Tom, who’s just gotten horribly dumped. After eight years of monogamy, this excellent marriage-material man is thrown back into the dating game after his two best friends Bruce and Cal drag him to the bar. Their plan is for Tom to get over his ex-fiancé by sleeping with one cheap woman after another.

Unfortunately, none of Tom’s good guy qualities — responsible, decent, and good with kids — seem to click with the hip Manhattan crowd. That is, until he meets Maya, a beautiful sports attorney who’s tough as nails and is tired of weepy, metro men.

Bruce, meanwhile, makes up for his lack of dating qualities — crass, rude, and broke — with his smart, funny, and brutally honest demeanor. After a childhood heartbreak that scarred him for life, Bruce thrives by taking a chance on practically any girl he thinks he can sleep with.

Completing the trio is Cal, a handsome, confident, and fun-loving optimist who’s fond of people. At 27, he’s already been married and divorced three times. Falling in love insanely quickly, Cal’s dilemma isn’t whether or not he’s going to find love tonight — it’s how many times he’ll keep falling for someone.

Among this crazy mix of characters, there’s also the young and bubbly, cocktail waitress Kacey; the dashing, self-made millionaire Ron; the ‘hottie-since-birth’ head bartender Dominic; the sexy single mother Jessica; the New Jersey-bred fashionista Fabienne; and the meek, smart, but deeply indecisive Liv, who’s having second thoughts on her engagement.

Whether these ten single people’s encounters with each other make their lives more interesting or just fabulously complicate things, we have yet to find out. With interesting story lines and unexpected plot twists, Mixology promises to be the ‘it’ show for the single — and ready to mingle.

Lifetime is available on SKYCable Ch 65, Cablelink Ch 223 and other select provincial channels.

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