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The color red holds a deep significance in many different cultures. In fact, the very notion of "color" is taken from red - the root word for color comes from the latin word for red (coloratus). This is in part because of the emotional weight that the color conveys. Red is the color of passion, fire, strength and beauty. Since red is the color of blood, it is also associated with the idea of life. As such, the color is linked to happiness in many cultures, such as Chinese culture.

In visual art, red, black and white were the first color used in painting. Neolithic cave paintings dating back thousands of years showed herds of buffalo and other animals painted with red hues. Thus, there is potent symbolism in the color's usage throughout art history.

Red Bull Boxer
21 x 7 x 14
Wood, Metal & Epoxy

Now, sculptor Glenn Cagandahan tackles the use of the color red in his new exhibition at Galerie Joaquin. Entitled "Red," the exhibition features new works from this dynamic sculptor forging a new direction in his career.

Horse III
21 x 15 x 10
Wood, Metal & Epoxy

The new series includes the sculpture "Minotaur", that of the half-man half-bull creature in Greek mythology re-imagined as a boxer and flexing his arms in a manner seemingly evoking a challenge. The snarl on the creatures face, coupled with the aggressive posturing, blends in well with the bright-red sheen of his muscular body. That the bull "sees red" is apparent in the work, and this play on the saying is brilliantly brought to life through the artist's skill and talent.

72 x 18 x 1.75
Wood, Metal & Epoxy

Glenn Cagandahan (b, 1977) is a sculptor known particularly for his small, epoxy-metal-wood figurines. Trained at the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines, Cagandahan’s practice seeks to establish a unique cultural identity through his works. Cagandahan distinguishes himself by adding another dimension, his sculptures becoming representations of his ideals and vision.

Red Bull Warrior
24 x 10 x 15
Wood, Metal & Epoxy

Currently a teacher of Humanities at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, Glenn Cagandahan is consistent winner in the Art Association of the Philippines’ national competition. But perhaps the nadir of his recognition is his inclusion in the 2008 Borubodur Auction House, where his sculpture “Best Friends” and was successfully sold.

Success (Bull)
16 x 15 x 10
Wood, Metal & Epoxy

His latest exhibition showcases a new direction for an artist previously known for his works of rural genre. All of his new works of wood and epoxy are glazed in a red sheen that bring about the very best in the color's inherent characteristics. His choice of subjects - muscular bulls of passion, for instance - also derive heavily on the color's innate association with fiery passion.

The exhibition opens on April 29, 2014 at Galerie Raphael located at Unit 2C-06, Second Floor, The Piazza, Serendra Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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