Sunday, April 13, 2014

A sought-after designer item, an indulgent treat, a playful flirtation, or an impulsive trip to a fancy destination: these are temptations that people yearn for, but think twice about committing to. One cannot just simply give in. Temptations catch us at vulnerable moments, and sometimes it takes such great effort to say no. We have to choose the temptations we give in to. But we also know that sometimes we deserve to give in and say yes to certain indulgences.

One temptation that you just have to say yes to is the NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS Flavors of the World Dutch Speculoos ice cream.

NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS Dutch Speculoos is the latest creation in the line of delectable ice cream concoctions by NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS. Treat yourself to speculoos-flavored ice cream blended with ribbons of cookie butter ripple and cookie chunks that will surely satisfy your speculoos cookie butter cravings.

With its unique sweetness and playful twist of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices, it is no wonder that the speculoos cookie butter flavor has captured the hearts of trend-savvy Filipinos. It gives life to even the most ordinary of fares. Pair NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS Dutch Speculoos with pastries, waffles, fruits, and discover a different level of delight with each exciting combination. Or simply delight in a scoop and be taken on a journey of flavor and pleasure.

We deserve a bit of extra pampering. We deserve to have the freedom to be playful. We deserve bits of daily luxuries. So say yes to NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS Dutch Speculoos. It’s worth the cheat day. It’s worth the extra scoop. It’s worth having dessert first. Because at the end of the day, you deserve to give in and to say yes.

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