Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Sofia Goscinki is one of the guests currently participating in 1335MABINI’s Artist in Residence Program Manila (AiRPManila). She hails from Austria, and has shown most of her work in the country’s capital Vienna.

It is her first time to visit a country in Asia, and her solo exhibition here in Manila gives us more than a glimpse of her work as an artist, as she courageously shares her innermost thoughts on the human psyche with trans-disciplinary expression.

One of the exceptional characteristic of Sofia’s works is that they are entrancing and disturbing at the same time. One could ascribe this phenomenon to how she presents some of her works with quite a definite pattern, especially the ones with time as a component. Representative of this sensation is her work entitled “I Love You.” In this particular video installation there are three projections side by side, and each projection simultaneously shows Sofia pronouncing a word repeatedly; the one on the left is uttering “I”; the middle is saying “love”; and the last is saying “you.” One could say that they echo a musical score with a beat.

This is but a result of Sofia’s distinct reconstructive approach in creating her pieces. Influenced by Viennese Actionism, Sofia uses her body together with other forms of media to initially deconstruct familiar things in our lives such as speech and bodily function to the point of jamais vu. It is this fleeting moment of unfamiliarity and incomprehension, this moment of abstraction and loss of association, which creates space for the essential recognition of what is considered commonplace.

As Goscinki maintains this existential tension through her overlay of an array of auditory and visual techniques, she invites us to reflect on how we think and behave we do, as individuals and as a community.

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