Monday, January 20, 2014

Norberto Carating will be presenting his newest batch of works at Now Gallery and Auctions through the exhibition “Last Full Show.” Set for an opening reception on Thursday, January 23, 2014, “Last Full Show’s” works, all done in 2013, reflect the continuing commitment of the artist to his personally distinctive style. This style of grids and textured surfaces, and reminiscent of local hand looms, convey an imposing yet quiet presence.

Red Sun & Blue Moon
4ft x 4ft

Red Earth #1
4ft x 4ft

Norberto Carating’s idiom of grooved horizontals and verticals have been inspired by the landscaped farmlands of Spain. In his 2000 visit to Valencia, Spain for an exhibition, he was struck by the neatly grooved fields of the countryside. These vast plots of yellow sunflowers, amber wheat and bronzed rice fields, set amid the golden sunset of Spain, left an indelible impression on Carating. This vision of gold, bronze, and yellow patches of land led him to a serendipitous creation of two-dimensional works that are instant and constant reminders of that unforgettable landscape, of a memorable state of the artist at that particular point in time. The earthy colors and the suggestive textures all remind of a place and a time that is both comforting and reassuring, like that of a home, a mother’s hand-stitched sweater or a Japanese sand garden. As art writer Barbara Mae Dacanay puts it, he is “…an Aristotelian abstract painter who messes himself up with abandon and hedonism while at work, and maybe in life, too, only to come up with pure didactic works without horns and demons. His colorful vacui (absence or banishment) on canvas is centered on portraying a shining but purged self.”

Orange Horizon
4ft x 4ft

Green & Blue Sea
4ft x 6ft

Carating is a much-lauded artist whose education and training is credited to the UP College of Fine Arts. A 1971 graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts Advertising Design, he has won recognition from first-rate art award bodies such as the Art Association of the Philippines, Philippine Art Awards and Southeast Asian Society. Another feather on his cap is the Thirteen Artists Award from the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Carating has shown his works in solo and group exhibitions here and abroad. He has exhibited in cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok (Thailand), Valencia (Spain), Cuba, San Francisco, Mainz (Germany) and Toronto (Canada).

After The Storm
4ft x 4ft

“Last Full Show” will run until February 8, 2014. Now Gallery and Auctions is located at the Ground Floor of Ecoplaza Building, 2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City.

For exhibit details, please contact 555-0683 to 84 or Now Gallery and Auctions can be accessed online at

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