Saturday, January 25, 2014

Galerie Joaquin in San Juan is proud to host Rubio’s “La Familia Filipina”, which opens Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 6:30 pm as its Year 12 opening exhibition.

Dominic Rubio is the foremost neo-colonial painter in the country today. His paintings work because they use the viewer's innate sense of nostalgia, allowing them to relate to the work. He is able to use nostalgia as a conceptual jumping point because of his superior technique, using a combination of intense detail, Hispanic colonial motifs, historical research, and superior drafting skills.

Rubio has been getting numerous recognition, both here and abroad, and representation in some of the most prestigious auctions in the region.

Rubio is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas and resides in the art town of Paete, Laguna. This show collects paintings of some of his most popular motifs--families.

Rubio, who has not had a one man show since 2012, has been hard at work preparing for this exhibit and will be presenting 30 new works. During opening night, the artist will be dedicating and signing paintings for collectors.

Ang Pamilya (GJM DROC 2013-134)
40 X 30 OC (111813)

Larong Kariton (GJM DROC 2014-01)
30 X 24 OC (010214)

Linggo sa Maynila (GJM DROC 2013-144)
48 x 48 OC (112713)

Linggong Pasyal (GJM DROC 2013-149)
40 x 30 OC (120413)

Magsasaka (GJM DROC 2013-113)
30 X 24 OC (101413)

Mag-asawa (GJM DROC 2013-126)
40 X 30 OC (110413)

Naglalako (GJM DROC 2014-10)
30 X 24 OC (011714)

Nagpapasyal (GJM DROC 2013-142)
40 x 30 OC (112713)

Pamilya sa Maynila (GJM DROC 2013-150)
40 x 30 OC (120413)

Pamilyang Tindero (GJM DROC 2013-143)
40 x 30 OC (112713)

Sipa (GJM DROC 2013-147)
30 x 24 OC (120413)

Tatlong Maria (GJM DROC 2013-135)
40 X 30 OC (111813)

Tindero ng Ibon (GJM DROC 2013-148)
30 x 24 OC (120413)

The exhibit runs until February 20, 2014.

Galerie Joaquin is located at 371 P. Guevarra Street corner Montessori Lane, Addition Hills, San Juan, Metro Manila.

For more information, please call (632) 723-9418 or visit

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