Thursday, January 30, 2014

A world of pleasurable colors, patterns and prints is what is evoked by an exhibition at the Ayala Museum, Artist Space opening on February 6, 2014. These works comprise the first solo exhibition of an artist named Dézia. It is actually a “nom de plume” of a successful architect who finally heeded the calling of his art.

Previous to this debut show, Dezia had produced works, which already prefigured the current works. What was instantly noted was his penchant for floating masses of patterns assembled like islets. They are subjected to rhythmic tightening and loosening not unlike jigsaw puzzles suddenly unleashed, then scattered to form another configuration of masses. Already the gift for the improvisation of patterns seemed germane to Dezia’s artistic temper. One is tempted to say the artist is a wizard at feeling the pulse of a specific pattern, aching to surface into verifiable form.


Interestingly, each work was titled with a single word that evoked a particular virtue, dream, mood, or aspiration. A stock of titles such as Melancholia, Impulse, Humility, Courage, Serendipity, Destiny, Elegance, Refinement, Finesse, Appeasement, Mystery, Allure, Wonderland, Conviction – takes the viewer through an exhilarating range of emotional dimensions.

Summer Constellation

Expectedly, these current works are a continuation and refinement and indeed, a revelation. Spread out like elegant quilt work with less jagged and fragmented shapes, they are more cohesive and more relentless in the ebullience of patterns. Intense is Dezia’s delectation for the aesthetics of fabric design. Polychromatic shades – brick and alizarine reds, hot oranges, lemon and chrome yellows bestirring the cool quiet colors of sky blues and forest greens – gyrate with sparkling polka dots and spirals, petals and waves, arabesques and chequerboard. The whole visual enterprise is an optical experience.

The Guardian

The entire pictorial surface seems energized and activated with playfulness and freedom, vibrance and delight. More importantly, the astute arrangements of massed forms suggest a narrative engaging the viewer to decipher and unearth narratives and memories. The works translate to allegories that suggest life’s lessons on human identity, relationships, personal crises. Again, the scintillating titles themselves bear witness: Finding Balance, Independent Soul, At the Edge, Moon Smile, My Mentor, My Friend…

Moon Smile

The whimsicality and light-hearted fervor allows for the meaningful relationships of shapes and spaces, here spared of any human presence. His first solo exhibit is Dezia’s personal coat of many colors, serving notice of his determined participation and entrance into the Manila art scene.

Swing of Innocence

Dezia’s, “The Charm of Patterns will run through until February 18, 2014 at the Ayala Museum, Artist Space, Greenbelt Park Makati City. Show will resume February 20 until 28th at the Olive Creek Gallery, Ground Floor HRC Center 104 Rada Street Legaspi Village, Makati City.

For inquiries, you may contact 0917 836 6998 / 576 43 02.

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